Pascal Laliberté
Stimulus JS Freelancer

Author of Modest JS Works

I’m available early this week
to help on your Stimulus JS problem.

Start by sending me a screen share of your problem and I’ll get back to you early this week.

Screen share? Is there a price? Details below.

You’re working with Stimulus JS, the modest Javascript framework that’s part of Hotwire…

“As Rails as possible”, that’s the way you’re building your app…

You’re alone to work on the front-end…

And you’re stuck on a specific problem.

“Can I get an expert opinion real quick?
I don’t want to dig for the details.

Maybe you…

You’ve tried…
Forums, Reddit,
Stack Overflow,
Discords and Slacks.
Now you’re ready to Pay Someone.

Because you’re busy. You’d rather work on something else than going deep on Stimulus and its subtleties.

You’re the everything person on your project, maybe the founder of your SaaS business or the freelance dev building for a client.

I’ve invested too much time on this Stimulus problem already.”

Am I close or is this still full of unknowns?”

“I don’t want to become an expert on Stimulus!”

“Can I jump straight to the answer? Somebody surely has run into this problem before.”

“Am I on the right track?

I’m allergic to this JS stuff honestly. I’m ready to pay someone”.

Record a video,
I'll get back to you early this week

My offer

A two-day, part-time, video- and text-based consultation. All Asynchronous.

I’ll help you advance on your main problem and maybe another one or two if we have time.

The price

$425 USD (if in Canada: + HST), paid before we start. After I watch your initial screen share video, I’ll reply with a payment URL if I can help with your problem. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know and no charge.

How it works

I use a tool called ZipMessage that we’ll use to send each other screen share videos and text over two days. Can you keep the page and videos for later? Sure thing. You’ll see it’s pretty great.


Can I just email you instead so we can have a call?

For this package and price, I’m only offering async video + text. No calls.

You’ll see, async video is pretty great.

Will you be doing the work or are you just consulting me?

I’ll consult you on getting unstuck, but I can’t go deep into your code over the two-day async video+text offering.

After this initial consultation, if you’re looking for more of my help, I might offer a different package if I think I can help with a bigger engagement to help squash a bug or help build whole features.

My experience with Stimulus:
I’ve been using Stimulus on a range of projects


  • Launched, a charting library for Bullet Train Rails apps, built with Stimulus and chart.js.

  • Bullet Train - Packaged the Stimulus controllers and other JS of Bullet Train, (Andrew Culver’s Rails starter kit, continuing on the Stimulus transition I led in 2021) into different npm packages.


  • Launched a SaaS app for a client, wrote d3.js charts inside Stimulus-controlled turbo frames, search suggestion pull-downs, other small custom Stimulus controllers, usage tracking using Google Tag Manager, MixPanel

  • Helped a SaaS company replace Alpine.js with Stimulus for elements that had transitions (navbars, dropdowns)

  • Bullet Train - Led the Stimulus migration on Andrew Culver’s Bullet Train starter kit, wrapping third-party components (select2, intl-tel-input, daterangepicker) and replacing some Alpine.js used for transitions

  • Boring Rails - Collaborated on an article for Matt Swanson’s Boring Rails blog titled Magic Responsive Tables with Stimulus and IntersectionObserver, mimicking Shopify Polaris’ responsive tables


  • Built a tool for a Shopify shop owner, building Stimulus-adapted versions of Polaris components, turbo-streams to update a page on long-running jobs.


  • Published, a personal blog with articles on buyer psychology. Used Turbolinks for animating page transitions, used Stimulus for a few page interactions.

  • Published Modest JS Works, an online book about how to write less JavaScript, mix patterns into your app using a gradient of different levels of Javascript involvement (Stimulus mostly, sprinkles if you like, spot view-models in Vue, an SPA in just one dedicated area of the app)



“Hey Pascal…”

If your initial video starts like any of these, you can be pretty sure my answer will be… “Yes, I can help with that”.

Think I can help? Start a video screen share to tell me about your problem. Hit record or upload, than it’ll ask to provide your name and email. You’ll hear from me soon.

We’ll Be a Good Fit…

You’re an owner, a freelancer maybe, a self-starter or a founder. You bear risk and you value your time and attention. You don’t want no grifter and you want to work with dependable people who keep their word and add value.

Happy to work with you.